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“Vintage Warrior” Bowie Knife!

Finished Product – Forged from 70s era American leaf spring steel. Copper end cap and bolster plate. Blade guard forged from antique wrought iron.
Material used: Vintage leafspring, vintage hickory axe handle, copper fittings!
End of day 2, about 12 hours in at this point.
This was my first attempt at a fuller (or blood groove) in a blade. The spring fuller I made seems to work quite well, but I see some kinks that need to be worked out, especially with defining the ends of the fuller.
Antique Wrought Iron…possibly gate latch? You can see where it was forge welded together.
Vintage Steel Reborn! The chunk of steel at the top is an off cut and about the same as this blade started as when it entered the forge.
Vintage Bowie just needs an edge!


My 2 latest pieces.
Vintage Bowie forged November 2017, vs first forged “knife” Summer 2015 about 2 years of progress in smithing.
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Singing Smith “Slay Your Mercedes” (Blacksmith Rap)

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Smithing Summer 2017

My first demonstration is in the books!  I was able to to forge outdoors at an Olde Time Carnival event for community and charity right in my hometown this past weekend, and we had a blast.  Also have some other events lined up including interest in smithing at the great Delaware County Fair at the end of August.

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