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Hello and welcome to Sing and Smith!  This is the online home of a man who decided to end the rat race and create!  Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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First Fire Screen Complete


Although it was more of a fabrication than blacksmithing job; my first firescreen was made from all repurposed materials and built to fit a low budget, but be a beautiful and useful piece for years and years to come.  Made from rebar, and railroad spikes w/ perforated screen.  This can be found at MUGS co-op @ 1773 St Hwy 8 in Mt Upton along w/ some other hand forged goods from Upton Iron.

Singing Smith “Slay Your Mercedes” (Blacksmith Rap)

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Smithing Summer 2017

My first demonstration is in the books!  I was able to to forge outdoors at an Olde Time Carnival event for community and charity right in my hometown this past weekend, and we had a blast.  Also have some other events lined up including interest in smithing at the great Delaware County Fair at the end of August.

Grindstone Nation

What a crazy world.  Brand new song written a few years ago and recorded earlier this year.

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